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Law Firm Marketing Services was started out of disgust! So what does that mean?

We founded Law Firm Marketing Services because we were meeting law firm owners who were paying money for Online Digital Marketing services and not getting results.

Owners who trusted ‘experts’ and were taken advantage of. We met owners who wanted to grow their law firms, but were overwhelmed with all the ‘white noise’ of online marketing and didn’t know where to start.

When we began to do a forensic analysis of what the ‘experts’ were charging, promising, and NOT delivering on, we were disgusted at finding how these law firm owners were being taken advantage of! They were being overcharged and under-served! So we began to offer complete online digital marketing services that would exceed our clients expectations while containing or reducing their monthly retainers!

As a result, all of our growth has been through referral and word of mouth! We do not have contracts. We have a scope of work and are month to month with all of our clients! We should perform for your firm every month or you are free to transition to another agency if you so choose.

We don’t take a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Every Law Firm is at a different place in the growth of their business and online digital journey. Every market in the country and every specialty has a different level of competition to evaluate and compete against.

Our approach is to learn about your Law Firm, your needs, what your goals are and then do forensic analysis on your current Online Digital situation as well as performing a comprehensive audit of your competitors to understand exactly why they are outperforming you and what we need to do in order to win for you!

This creates a roadmap to ‘reverse engineer’ a plan of actionable items to not only compete but to beat and outrank your competing law firms!

Today we are on a mission to help 100 Law Firms to 3X their new case intake by getting their Online Marketing right!

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